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Welcome to Fortanach Services
Providers of High Quality Onsite
Medical and Veterinary Equipment Maintenance

Fortanach Services Ltd understand that cost is a huge part in the decision making when it comes to choosing your Service Provider.

At Fortanach we are endeavouring to change the expectations of our customers with regards to the Maintenance of their equipment.

As a responsible service provider, we stress to all our customers the importance of Scheduled Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM).


In line with our principles, we at Fortanach have chosen to work with only the best people in their respective field.

All the Specialist Companies we work with bring with them 20+ years of experience in their chosen fields and all come with excellent reputations for providing first class service.

Utilising these assets, we can in most cases provide onsite Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) of your equipment.


The benefits of the onsite maintenance are clear:

  • Ensuring the safety of patients and operators through equipment serviceability.
  • Greater chance of discovering small faults and repairing them before they become larger issues later. Minimising equipment down time.
  • Scheduled to cause as little disruption to your practice. Allowing a more proactive strategy towards your equipment.
  • Maintenance can identify any potential accessory or consumable fault or error.
  • Service Report detailing the state of all equipment, any additional work required and any other recommendations or findings.
  • A reduction of Courier Costs
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